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Saturday, July 31, 2021


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You are invited to subscribe to New Fuels Report (NFR), the authoritative voice and information source for the emerging alternative jet fuel market. NFR will provide you with quality, objective news coverage of the latest developments, key players and importantly, the hard facts, about the growth of new jet fuels and the impact on airlines, suppliers, airports, engine and airframe manufacturers, trucking companies, terminal and pipeline operators.

Whether due to soaring and volatile prices or the push from environmentalists and government regulators to reduce harmful emissions Ė the trend for new jet fuels as a replacement for fossil fuels is gaining momentum, and expanded funding from public and private investment. NFR will cut through the noise and identify solutions to help you determine whatís real versus imagined.

NFR is published each month as a supplement to Jet Fuel Report (JFR), which is in its 15th year of publication. Additionally, subscribers receive the AAG Daily Briefing via e-mail that covers the dayís important events and news. Finally, the AAG website will feature presentations, debates, and company developments from industry leaders and companies.

Subscribers Receive:

New Fuels Report
The monthly authoritative voice on the new jet fuel markets

Jet Fuel Report
The monthly publication covering the $80 billion annual worldwide jet fuel industry from wellhead to wing

AAG Daily Briefing
Daily news and information on the aviation industry

AAG Web Broadcasts
Webinars focused on important issues, industry and company developments

AAG Annual Jet Fuel Conference & Awards Dinner
Special member discounts to the annual conference in its 11th year and awards show honoring industry leaders.

Subscribe today for the annual rate of $1,675 and receive the two monthlies NFR and JFR; the AAG Daily Briefing; AAG Web Access and discounts to the annual AAG Conference.

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